DHE Pressure accumulator

DHE Pressure accumulator

DHE Pressure accumulator


The DHE consists of an accumulator, a pressure gauge with a shut-off valve and a check valve. The DHE can also be retrofitted to a SPA (Conversion kit no.: DHE140/R001-00).


Suitable for retrofitting to a SPA system (SPA1000, SPA2000, SPA3000).

Functional description

The DHE is used to maintain the barrier fluid pressure for a limited period after the SPA circulating pump has failed or been switched off. It prevents a loss of pressure on the mechanical seal and stops it from opening. The seal, however, is no longer cooled and must therefore be brought to an immediate stop. How long the pressure is maintained will depend on the following two factors: the rate of leakage of the mechanical seal and the amount of buffered fluid stored in the accumulator.

Similar products

DRE Pressure control unit

The pressure control unit is used for setting different levels of barrier pressure when supplying several individual mechanical seals via an SPA with a VTE. There is a choice of four basic types.

VTE Distribution unit

The distribution unit is used when two or more mechanical seals are to be supplied from a single barrier fluid unit of the SPA1000, SPA2000 or SPA3000 range. The VTE is suitable for hydraulic oil as barrier medium. It is delivered as a separate unit which the customer must install in the pipe work at a suitable position. There is a choice of two basic types:
VTE02/M...: Distribution unit for supplying two or more mechanical seals in between bearing pumps.
VTE../S...: Distribution unit for supplying two or more mechanical seals in different pumps. It contains an overflow valve and one flow control valve per seal. DRE pressure control units are necessary if different barrier pressures are used on the mechanical seals.

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