Burajet SCA 8032/SCA

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Burajet SCA 8032/SCA injectable compound is made from Aramid fiber with high-duty PTFE based lubricant. This composition should be installed with End rings, either braided packing e.g. Buramex SF 6335 or Araflon 6426, or with FKM or HPU profiled Lip seals (HPU - polyurethane which is resistant against hydrolysis, FKM - fluorocarbon rubber). It is quite economic because of due to the ability to re-inject packing during normal plant operation.
  • Excellent sliding abilities
  • Leakage reduction
  • Reduced frictional forces
  • Shutdown time reduction
  • Outstanding adaptability, even in asymmetrical stuffing box spaces
  • Worn shafts do not have to be replaced or reworked
p(pumps) = 15 bar,
p(valves) = 70 bar,
p(mixers, agitators, kneaders, filters) = 25 bar
Sliding velocity:
vg(pumps) = 10 m/s [Braided packing end rings],
vg(pumps) = 4 m/s [Lip seals],
vg(valves) = 2 m/s,
vg(mixers, agitators, kneaders, filters) = 2 m/s
Temperature: t = -10 °C ... +260 °C
Chemical resistance: pH = 2 ... 12
  • Process industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Water and waste water technology
  • Mining industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Building services industry
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Piston pumps
  • Agitators
  • Mixers
  • Refiners
8032/SCW (white, PTFE based compound)
8032/SCB (black, PTFE/Graphite based compound)
8032/SCH (high temperature graphite compound)
Easy to assemble by hand or with an injection gun.
1 kg, 5 kg cans
(Braided packing anti-extrusion rings supplied by the metre, please quote the cross section)